The Guide

Welcome to the hub of The Hearty Brew – where your coffee journey begins. We’ve taken our most valuable guides from across the entire site, and structured them into the courses below. Take your pick, and you’ll find a complete roadmap to follow. Let’s get brewing!

Brew Basics

Get to know all the various coffee brewing methods out there. Learn our favourite recipes and simple instructions on how to brew using your favourite coffee maker.

The Home Guide to Espresso

Our flagship Home Guide to Espresso series. Designed for beginners to learn the most essential basics of espresso preparation and milk frothing. This is a course that will walk you through every step of the way. You’ll build up the knowledge and practical skills to pull that first shot and make your very first espresso drink right from home.

Types of Espresso Coffees

Discover the common favourites at coffee shops, so you know what you’re ordering next time!