The Essentials of How to Steam Milk (And Froth It)

Essentials of How to Steam Milk - the only guide you will need

Want to know how baristas make such amazing milk coffees? Learn the basics of how to steam milk that’s silky and velvety smooth. Discover how to position your milk jug and steam wand for the best results. Milk and coffee. A match made in heaven. If steamed well, milk adds a layer of velvety, natural … Read more

Battle of the Baby Coffees: Piccolo Latte vs Cortado

Coffee enthusiasts often find themselves in a delightful dilemma when choosing between the subtle variations of espresso-based drinks. Among these, the Piccolo Latte and Cortado stand out as unique, petite options for those who love their coffee strong but balanced with milk. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore these two beverages in-depth, unraveling their nuances … Read more